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Manchester United wants to rip up Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract

man u and ronaldo

Manchester United wants to rip up Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract.

Manchester United have decided to part ways with Cristiano Ronaldo and have instructed

club lawyers to begin legal action against the Portuguese superstar.

Man United feel they have been left with no option but to move on from Ronaldo and have

already made it known to his representatives that he is no longer welcome at the club

following his blockbuster interview with Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo openly criticized the club’s owners, management, and structure despite still

being a first-team member and United are now acting swiftly.

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The club’s legal team believes they can sue Ronaldo for breach of contract, which will

essentially see his employment terminated.

Ronaldo has almost certainly played his final game for United having linked up with Portugal

ahead of their World Cup campaign.

United waited for the final part of the interview to be broadcast on TalkTV before launching

any action, the club were furious as soon as they learned that it was going to take place.

“Manchester United will need to decide if they wish to terminate Ronaldo’s contract, on

the basis of gross misconduct, or whether they are looking to secure a more commercial solution.

“If they were to terminate for gross misconduct, they could in theory also look to bring

a breach of contract claim against Ronaldo (the clear breach being regarding the

contractual and club policies on media interviews but also likely a number of other breaches).

“Such claims are rare, not least because it is often difficult for the employer to quantify

what financial losses they have suffered as a result of the breaches of contract, but also

perhaps because clubs may feel that developing a reputation for suing players will not help

them attract players in the future.

“However, whilst rare, and we usually see commercial solutions reached, such claims are not without precedent and the most notable example is when Chelsea terminated Adrian Mutu’s contract for gross misconduct and then also sued him for compensation for his breaches of contract. Chelsea succeeded and Mutu was ordered to pay £15.2m in damages. That was in 2009 and he spent much of the next ten years in legal battles with Chelsea, refusing to pay.”

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